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designed to evaluate cardiac function
The new reference in Cardiac Output monitoring

SM-ICG (Signal-Morphology Impedance Cardiology) and HD-Z (High Definition Impedance) technologies

PhysioFlow® redefines hemodynamic monitoring

Accurate, noninvasive hemodynamics have been the Holy Grail sought after for four decades. When conventional impedance cardiology appeared, many felt the goal was reached, only to be disappointed by the limitations that quickly became apparent: Over the last two decades, conventional (Z0-based) ICG has been improved and tweeked. However its fundamental dependence on the unreliable baseline thoracic impedance (Z0) could never be overcomed. And Z0 proved to be random value in too many cases. To solve the problem, impedance cardiology was reinvented by PhysioFlow to be independent of baseline thoracic impedance (Z0).

sm-icg signal analysis

The breakthrough that accomplished this was to use the morphology of the impedance signal (pure waveform analysis), instead of its baseline value, a patented-approach called Signal-Morphology Impedance Cardiology (SM-ICG™).

SM-ICG™ provides accurate, reproducible and sensitive measurements even in challenging measurement conditions and difficult patients, pushing the limits of noninvasive hemodynamic monitoring.

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