Covid 19 : Manatec Biomedical works to serve you with PhysioFlow advanced technologies,
designed to evaluate cardiac function
The new reference in Cardiac Output monitoring

In Use

We strongly recommend before each measure to rub the skin with some Nuprep abrasive gel (Weaver and Company) and to use the electrodes PhysioFlow HTFS50PF.


Watch a tutorial about the set up of a PhysioFlow® measurement session. This video was produced and directed by Craig Broeder, Ph.D. FACSM, FNAASO CEO & Founder of Exercising Nutritionally, LLC ( Exercising Nutritionally is a clinical research and education company promoting healthy living and aging. Dr. Broeder's vision for Exercising Nutritionally focuses on developing a clinical research program that collects data for evidence based preventive wellness and enhancing human performance as one ages. Research projects primarily focus on the role that nutrition and physical activity play in helping prevent and treat lifestyle related diseases on the molecular, biochemical, and physiological levels. Populations include children, adults, and senior populations. Exercising Nutritionally also helps other companies develop clinical research projects for new preventive health related applications that would like to get FDA or FTC application claims approved. A major strength of Exercising Nutritionally corporation is that project collaborations are developed with clinical university based research environments fostering relationships with some of the top clinical research groups in Chicago and the United States. Exercising Nutritionally, LLC also develops fitness and wellness education enhanced podcasts and webinars in preventive health, sports performance enhancement, and research highlights for our clients.


Physioflow used in marathon
PhysioFlow® Enduro™ has been used on dozens of runners during various editions of the Paris Marathon.

Car rally race

Physioflow used in rally
PhysioFlow® Enduro™ was successfully tested during several races, proving the robustness of its noise cancellation filter and has been recently shown to work in centrifuge.

Outpatient clinic

Physioflow used in clinic
Routine evaluation of the effectiveness of a treatment optimized thanks to PhysioFlow® (severely hypertensive patient)

Case Studies

See case studies for other usage scenarios.

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